BRT - Business Round Table 2018


BRT 2018;

Growth Hack covers 4 growth scopes:

• Position for Growth; Business Leadership, Strategy and Branding : Batel #TheFieryEyedOwl

• Accessing Capital for growth; Adebola Ajayi

 • Increasing your reach for growth; Peace Itimi

• Adopting technology for growth; Adetunji Opayele

There'd also be a capital fair to provide entrepreneurs and business leaders with access to capital to fund their ideas and #BusinessTasting.

This session is hosted by the  Business Hub Team in Partnership with Ife Business School and The Echo Digital, TED

Powered  by THE SWAT

Category: Seminars
Venue: Ile-Ife
Organiser: THE SWAT - Led by Bamidele Toyin (BATEL)
Event Starts: 28 Jul 9:00 AM
Event Ends: 28 Jul 4:00 PM


Price: 2,000    for    1 person

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