Worry about the event, We take care of the Tickets.

PayPass is a web platform aimed at making events ticketing easy, With our web application, event planners, organisers and their targeted audiences will find it delightful to sell and buy tickets. The aim of PayPass is to make easy event tickets buying and selling irrespective of time and location.

How it Works

Event Organisers

Go to create event page, you will need to be logged in to do this

Specify event details, ticket types and any additional settings you want

Your event will immediately go live on the website

You can view progress in the My Events Panel

Event's registered users list can be downloaded as CSV file

Withdrawals are easy with the withdrawal form and are logged for easier reference

Withdrawals will be processed within 24 business hours

Events can also be updated via the events panel

Using the service for free events is absolutely free, we only charge a 10% processing fee on paid events

Event Attendees

Select the listed event

Enter ticket quantity and add to cart

Continue shopping for other event tickets or checkout

Pay with ease with our friendly payment platform

A unique 4-digit code will be generated for you

Your event pass can be downloaded anytime from your profile page

Sit back, relax and prepare for the event

Why Choose Us

User Friendly

With our simple to use platform, buying tickets or creating events has never been so seem less, we won't waste your time.

Simple Setup

Everything you need to get your event tickets sales started is by filling a single form. No complexities involved whatsoever.


You can request to withdrawal your ticket sales at any day, any time, we won't stress you over your money.

Competitive Commission

Our commission is the lowest you can get anywhere! With just 10.00% on paid events. It is also totally free on free events.

Promoters Management

Hire and/or add promoters to your events and get it on the lips of all. We also help with paying them directly.

100% Support

Enjoy free support 24/7. We follow you up till your event succeed, because we believe we are in this together.

Event Audit

We provide detailed auditing for your event ticket sales, so you can plan your event accurately without stress

SMS Integration

Send SMS messages to all your event attendees with a single click right from your event panel, reaching out has never been easier.